UPDATE: This track has been removed from SoundCloud - you can still get it from http://music.imphenzia.com.

State of Confusion is the 14th track two weeks into this release marathon. I'll release one of my track day by day and write some history about it. You may want to download the track asap as they stay online for about a week.

If you like my music, if you want to support it, and if you don’t want to wait for the entire marathon to finish – you can download all my music as MP3 and FLAC files from http://music.imphenzia.com for what you think it is worth ($2 – $50) – there are 109 tracks to grab =)

State of Confusion is a track that I made in Reason which is very rare - nearly all the time I use Cubase. I released it 17th January 2008 and it's the second track on my album Illusion. 2008 was an odd year, I changed jobs and had a bit of a break between my roles. I was a bit confused about what I wanted to do and probably more so than ever when I composed State of Confusion so I thought it was a good fit for a name. That time has since long passed and I now know exactly what I want to do. Professionally I want to run my part time business making music, sound effects, game assets, and games and work as an IT consultant to the extent necessary to support my family and free lifestyle.

The track has some nice sweeping pads and a different melody to it. I always think of Anime and Japanese cartoons when I hear it but I may be the only one with that association.

There is also a very cool remix of this track made by "Imphenzia - State Of Confusion (Adraw ft. Makrolon Radio Edit)" that you can check out in this YouTube video. It has had 233'000 views so far and 101 likes and I really like the remix. It has the core vibe of the original track but with a nice clean beat.

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