Today I've spent a lot of time trying to get a nice resizable menu for Astrofighter.Net and it's been a bit of a struggle so far.

My first approach was to use Matrix4x4.TRS to create a scalable 4:3 ratio menu GUI based on a coordinate system of 1600 x 1200. For wide screen resolutions I would simply add an offset to make sure the 4:3 menu system is always centered. It worked quite good in higher resolutions but as soon as a fairly mid-range to low resolution was used smaller fonts became pixelated and unreadable. How unfortunate because the matrix scaling was a one line solution.

I'm now working on my own approach. It basically still uses the 4:3 ratio menu with padding being added to the sides for widescreen resolutions. The difference is now that I recalculate the Rect positioning and width/height using my own function basically doing the same as the Matrix4x4.TRS scaling. The difference is that I now also manually set the font size using the same scale, but with an integer, so the font always looks crisp.

The status now is that I've got a nice resizable GUI with crisp fonts in any resolution. It's quite a bit of extra work but I think it's worth it.

If you are interested in the code - please let me know. I'll probably make it available in the Unity wiki or forums once I'm finished.