The blog is being migrated and merged with multiple Imphenzia blogs so the format and content will be inconsistent for a while.

Promoting my sound effects page

In order to boost the probability of people finding my new sound effects page I have created a script that automatically generats static HTML-files for every sound effect in the library. The script also creates a simple main index page for containing links to all the individual HTML-files so that the engine crawlers can find the individual pages correctly. It will be interesintg to see if this generates any additional traffic.

Here is what the index page looks like: http://www.imphenzia.com/soundtrack/soundeffects.html (click on a sound effect to see the generated indivudual pages too).

Imphenzia Sound Effects

I created a few explosion sounds for the upcoming game intense Xbox 360 2D Shooter Duality: ZF (which also features an Imphenzia soundtrack). In order to help out other indie game developers I have made these explosions and other sound effects available at the new section http://soundtrack.imphenzia.com. All sound effects are 320 kbps stereo MP3-files, freely available.

Full Length Videos on YouTube

Just a quick line or two before I have to run. I've published a few full length videos on YouTube now. You can watch them here!


New Imphenzia presence at YouTube

I have registered a new account at YouTube and THIS is the new Imphenzia Music Secion. I am creating 30-second previews of most of my tracks and using the "video response" feature to other popular trance videos. By creating two "channels" at YouTube, I release full length videos and these preview clips and I plan to keep adding to these channels whenever time allows me to. I use "Animoto" to create what could be classed as something between a video and a slide show and I'm quite impressed by their engine to quickly produce quite cool clips.

This is also part of my promotional drive to get Imphenzia more established in the trance world.

How to Promote Music

Admittedly I've not been too good at promoting music. I spend most of my time either making music or on my other projects (game development, site development, photography). Being an artist for over 10 years the music has slowly been promoting it self but I have come to realize that it is time to put more effort into finally promoting Imphenzia more.

So what have I done about this the past few days? Well, first of all I created the new track named Mind Machine in order to make my music a bit more desirable on the dance floors hopefully catching the ears of DJs out there.

Then I've started to register on more sites such as LAST.FM, AMIESTREET.COM (where my albums were released FREE today so hurry up and grab them before the price starts to climb).

I've also started to become more visible in places like MySpace.com - so if you are a MySpace user, please add me as a friend :)

On my site, I link to each section where I've registered to encourage my listeners and fans (yes, including you) to visit and rate / comment / listen to the music in order to climb the charts and draw a bigger audience.

Then I found a site called ANIMOTO.COM where you could sync music and video together. I used this to create some very short YouTube clips to hopefully draw an audience. Here's an example of what it looks like:

I will create fullength videos of my free tracks and post them on youtube later, they only charge $30 for a one year unlimited pass to create these video audio syncs.

I'm hoping to create a guide for others to follow if my attempt is successful, which I hope it is of course...

New Trance: Mind Machine

I've been working hard to make a new track that is more DJ-friendly than most of my other tracks and the result is the recently released "Mind Machine". The main aim of my music have always been focused on the casual listener rather than a dance floor but I want to make sure I also cater for this market and hope to raise the awareness of some DJs about Imphenzia.

So, what's Mind Machine then? Over 7 minutes of progressively building trance with a central core of melodic and euphoric trance. The track has also been released through TuneCore which means that it will eventually appear on sites like iTunes, Napster and eMusic.

I hope you like this new release and please let your friends know about it =)