BLASTERS is a specialized sound pack with game-ready scifi blaster sound effects.

This game-ready version contains 1600 unique blaster sounds and 6400 round robin variations (4 for each blaster). The round robin variations are useful when playing a blaster sound repeatedly at a high rate to avoid the "machinegun" effect of sounding too repetative. 8000 sound effects in total (620 MB)!

High Quality! The sounds are game-ready mastered and have been optimized in length to reduce size of game distributions. The sounds are free of clipping, always start/end at volume 0 to avoid any clicks or pops, and looping sounds are seamless. The wav-files are named appropriately and meta-data tagged with descriptive keywords.

Unity3D project included! This sound pack comes with a Unity3D project that you can easily customize to create turrets and blasters for your games. Unity 5.5 or later is required.


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Baster Sounds

1600 unique blaster sounds (stereo and mono).

Round Robin Variations

6400 round robin variations (4 for each unique blaster).

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