The sound designer version of BLASTERS sound pack containing 192 kHz 24 bit broadcast WAV-files.

Sound Pack Details

  • Number of Audio Files: 8000 (5.0 GB)
  • File Format: Broadcast WAVE (.wav) files in ZIP Archive
  • Quality: 192 kHz, 24 bits
  • Meta Tags: Description, Keywords, and Sound Pack Details.


  • 1600 unique scifi blaster sound effects
  • 6400 round robin variations (4 for each blaster)
  • categories into folders (short, medium, long, very long) and tagged with loudness (quiet, average, medium, loud, very loud) and main frequency range (low, lowmid, mid, midhigh, high), e.g. LOUD LOW for loud blasters with a lot of bass.


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The demo is from the Game-Ready version of Blasters
this Sound Design pack contains the same sounds but in 192kHz, 24 bit quality.