Space Fabricator

What is Space Fabricator? It is a stand-alone software for Windows used to create unique planets and export images of the planets as PNG files. The images can be used in videogames, video/film, web, and in print for example.

Disclaimer: Space Fabricator is released in "as is" alpha version and contains some bugs and some features are yet to be implemented. Please report bugs you find - see the current Read Me for known issues.

  • Student license is for non-commercial purposes
  • Indie license is for enteties with an annual revenue of less than $100k
  • Full license is for enteties with an annual revenue of $100k or more

See End User License Agreement.

All licenses have the same features and functionality.

Student $25 Indie $45 Pro $125

High Resolution

Space Fabricator generates 2D images of planets in resolutions up to 8192 x 8192 pixels.

Unique Planets

Planets are procedurally generated and you can tweak them to achieve the look you want for your game/video/project.

Alpha Transparency

Planets can be exported with alpha transparency and with separate layers for composite and further processing.

Screenshot Gallery

In-editor and generated exported images
SPACE FABRICATOR - Version 0.1.0 Alpha

CONTROLS ---------------------------------------------------------------------

* Camera Look Left/Right/Up/Down  Right Mouse Button
* Camera Pan Left/Right/Up/Down   Shift Key + Right Mouse Button
* Camera Roll Left/Right          Control Key + Mouse Right Button
* Camera Move Forward/Backward    Up Arrow / Down Arrow / Mouse Wheel
* Light Rotation                  Middle Mouse Button / Shift + Control
* Hide / Show Interface           F11

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER ---------------------------------------------------------

* This is an Alpha "as is" version of the software which *will* contain bugs.
  Please report bugs via http://www.imphenzia.com/space-fabricator
* Compatibility of saved scenes and planet settings will NOT be maintained
  between early versions.

KNOWN ISSUES -----------------------------------------------------------------

* Export with high resolutions, especially with anti aliasing enabled, may
  result in unexpected behavior / crash.
* Export with anti aliasing enabled will generate artifacts on alpha masked
  (combined) output image between planet and atmosphere. It is recommended to
  disable anti aliasing and exporting in 2-3 times high resolution than you
  need and then resize with anti aliasing in photo editing software to achieve
  the best look on alpha masked image.

* Small white artifacts around the outer rim of the atmosphere can be visible
  when anti-aliasing is enabled.
* Clicking some dropdown values will inadvertently launch color picker if
  there is a color value below.
* Planet ring color and alpha transparency is slightly different on alpha
  masked image and alpha layered images compared to what is seen in editor.
* Color picker brightness axis is flipped compared to most traditional color
* Importing settings from clip board does not reset revert [R] button for
  preset for planet.
* Gas planets are not implemented yet.

* Help is not implemented yet.