Universal Sound FX provides game developers with a wide variety of high quality sounds at a very affordable price. Independent game developers often have a low or non-existing budget; Universal Sound FX was designed with indie developers in mind.

Thousands of appropriately named and categorized sound effects provide a great foundation when developing games. From the very start you will have sounds regardless of what genre of game you are making from puzzle games to first person shooters.

High Quality! Current version (1.4) contains 5018 categorized 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV files (stereo and mono depending on suitability). Sounds are game-ready mastered and have been optimized in length to reduce size of game distributions. The wav-files are meta-data tagged with descriptive keywords.

Universal Sound FX evolves over time as I record and design more sounds. Updates are provided free of charge to existing customers, but keep in mind that some sounds will be removed to give room to new sounds so make sure to keep older versions backed up.


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Why Get Universal Sound FX

A must for any indepdendent game developer

Any Game Genre

Multi-purpose high quality sound effects pack containing thousands of sounds suitable for any game genre.

Royalty Free

Sound effects in all sound packs are royalty free for commercial games and for rapid prototyping of new ideas.

Free Updates

Quality, game genre coverage, and price inceases over time. Buy now – updates are free for existing customers!

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Unity Asset Store

Universal Sound FX is also available in the Unity Asset Store.

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Universal Sound FX is also available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

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What Some Customers Have Said

Reviews of Universal Sound FX in the Unity Asset Store

Most useful asset I've bought

The sounds are amazing, the selection is good and it's easy to find your way around this vast library. It has saved me a bunch of time to just use these sounds rather than trying to record my own, and there's very far inbetween sounds that I need that are not in here. This is my go-to library now.

Very Good Quality

I bought this a year or two ago and I have used the crap out of it in many different games. It's sorted nicely in the editor too. You can't underestimate how much the overall quality of your game improves just by using more professional sound f/x

Greate Sound FX

Nearly perfect. You will for sure find almost everything you need. It works great with types of game medieval, scifi, retro, etc... and for that price...Don't think, just take it.


Massive collection, and constantly growing. Excellent value for money, would still be cheap at twice the price. High quality sounds, definatley good enough for a production game.

Great variety, great value.

Solid SFX for a huge swath of genres. Author continues to update with lots of new effects in every update. Perfect for prototyping, and in plenty of cases great for production too.

Wonderful Asset

This asset package has virtually every sound I need for prototyping in my game. The quality is consistently excellent, and the updates are free. I was happily surprised to logon to the asset store and find a whopping 600+ new sounds added to the previous package -- at no additional cost! This is my first review for an asset on the Unity store, and the acclaim is well-deserved. Thanks a bunch.

Fantastic value for money. Great quality recordings/loops

I'm prototyping a space game right now and out of just this package it's totally come alive with engine noises, gun noises, vocal feedback from wingmen, warp noises, UI, etc. That's not to even mention that any game jams or other prototypes I do in future I'm pretty much sorted for.

Worth every penny

This package covers most of my needs for prototyping and game jams, great value for the price. There are many sounds, well categorized and easy to find. I was also pleasantly surprised with the latest free update - it provided most of the sounds I thought were lacking. One can only hope that the package will countinue to be updated in such fashion!