I am currently working on Ultranova - a retro-themed platformer game with crisp graphics and a spacesynth soundtrack bringing you back to the days of Turrican II.

The current prototype is made in Unity and I am contemplating building the release version in Unreal Engine. You can wishlist ULTRANOVA on Steam already =)

Line War

I am 50% of the team behind Line War - a new innovative multiplayer RTS game that plays very different from what you've played before.

Go to Line War on Steam and grab a copy. You don't need fast fingers, the units are easy to understand, and thousands of hour of enjoyment awaits!

Imphenzia at Itch.io

Imphenzia @ itch.io

My historic games and 15+ games that I made in 48 hours during Ludum Dare events are available at itch.io.